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Heritage is our legacy from the past, what we live with today, and what we pass on to future generations , according to UNESCO, and it is one of the primary concerns of the DIGISCRIB Society. Motivated by this mission, it guarantees its clients that their documents will be treated with care and respect.

To carry out the missions that are confided to the Society, we turn to specialists in literature, history and art history, but also to conservators of national heritage ("patrimoine"). Always attentive to the historic dimension of the text and its preservation, the team combines university knowledge with an ever-increasing familiarity of the most up-to-date technologies.
Thus, through an outlook that is always mindful of the future, the employees and interns of the DIGISCRIB Society ensure the lasting quality of the documents and books that are entrusted to them.

If the passion for books and the great respect for all kinds of documents are essential to our work, the appropriate computer skills and equipment are just as necessary to carry out the tasks, in order to properly scan the documents concerned and transform them into searchable text using OCR (Optical Character Recognition programs).
The engineers who scan and perform OCR on texts are taught to use the highest-performing digitizing machines on the market, equipped with the most advanced scanning programs available. Qualified personnel ensure accurate OCR by verifying the accuracy of the digitized image, by backing up the information and by correcting the text file.
This attentive surveillance of the mechanized computer processes guarantees that the level of accuracy of character recognition is around 90%.

The DIGISCRIB Society seeks to provide public and private institutions, businesses, and individuals with digital processing of technical and professional documents. As a result, the engineers' specialties are not restricted to antique or precious documents, as digitization is increasingly necessary for most public institutions (financial institutions, tax offices, etc.), but it is also gaining popularity in the private sector (digitizing bills, brochures, catalogues, technical publications) where it is as yet a less common practice.

In light of increasing demand, the flexibility and responsiveness of the DIGISCRIB Society are made possible thanks to the professional diversity of its various partners, and they are adapted to the competencies of each person. Adapting to the evolutions of demand and those of the digital era is integral to the DIGISCRIB Society.

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