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Médiathèque Troyes.
Digitization and indexation of incunabulum mentioned in the catalog of Mathurin Cangey in 1521
Magnum Photos.
Cooperative photographic agency.
Digitization of documents, letters, and personal photos by John Morris.
Center for Higher Studies of the Renaissance (Centre d'études supérieures de la renaissance, CESR).
Indexing of works from the 16th century.
Partner for the development of XML/TEI encoding business software.
Médiathèque de La Riche.
Digitization of newspapers.
Académie Francis Poulenc.
International center for French music association.
Digitization of sheet music.
Bourse des voyages.
Digitization, OCR processing and correction of OCR of geographic and travel books.
  Chanel corp.
Digitization and OCR processing and page layout of books belonging to Chanel conservatory
  Digitization and OCR processing of contemporary documents for several publishing houses and private businesses.
Livre au Centre
Association for the development of books and reading in the Région Centre.
Transcription and indexing of books and documents.

Press & Articles

In two clicks, your documents digitized. La Nouvelle République Août 2008
DIGISCRIB, digitization and cultural heritage. Livre au centre Mai 2008
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European numeric library


The GNU Image Manipulation Program for Linux

Accountancy software for Linux

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