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Digitization is the creation of a graphic representation of a document, book or any other object that the computer can interpret.
Among other things, it is used for the conversion from paper to a binary format, which becomes a virtual document, one that may be stored and manipulated in a digital format (by computer, via CD-ROM, as an eBook, accessible by PDA, etc.).

This virtual object can then be processed to adapt it to particular needs, for correction or for OCR (Optical Character Recognition) processing, which converts the image into data that can be indexed in a database.

Conservation of books Digitization of books Processing, verification and OCR of images Saving images and data in a digital format Use of books and data on the Internet

There are multiple benefits to the dematerialization of a paper document or object :
  • Protection of cultural heritage
  • Facilitation of the manipulation of books and documents
  • Facilitation of indexation, classification and searching the document for information
  • Making available books and documents that were inaccessible until now
  • Sharing books and documents over the Internet

Thus, a document that is delicate or inaccessible to the public at large is reborn, as researchers or casual readers have access to the digitized book, and its quality, its typography, its colors and its content are perfectly preserved.

The premises of DIGISCRIB have been adapted to provide special attention to books, documents, or any other paper medium.

The books are exclusively manipulated with 100% cotton gloves. They are stored and digitized in rooms that maintain a constant temperature and level of humidity. When they are not being digitized, they are securely stored in a fireproof safe. Particular attention is given to the manipulation of the book. The safe and the scanner are in the same room, so the text will not be moved from room to room, which might otherwise expose it to variations of temperature and humidity. If possible, the text is digitized in one session, keeping human manipulation at an absolute minimum between its storage place, the safe, and the scanner. The goal is to obtain digitization while handling the book only three times, once upon its arrival in our offices from the transporter to the safe, a second time for the digitization itself, and a third time from the safe back to the transporter. Of course, this is only possible if the book is able to be digitized in one sitting.

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