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The DIGISCRIB Society has the most recent technology at its disposal, including specialized scanners, software and programs.

In order to guarantee optimal, high-quality results, DIGISCRIB has joined forces with major producers of digitizing products like Zeutschel for patrimonial books and documents : OS 10000 A1 and OS 12000 A2.

DIGISCRIB possesses equipment that is perfectly adapted to old collections or delicate documents: a machine equipped with a scanner that digitizes books without direct contact, on a support surface that respects the binding of the book, offering high resolution (600 dpi); sophisticated and powerful programs which provide several forms of output, JPG, TIFF, and PNG files, among others; a system that corrects curved pages of the book, etc.

DIGISCRIB also possesses flat scanners which meet the expectations of digitization of contemporary documents or high-quality delicate documents, like the RICOH IS300E or high-speed scanners, which can handle high-volume digitization of documents that are of excellent quality, like the FUJITSU FI5650C and FI5750C.

For the digitalization of films and slides, the company has equipped itself with a scanner OpticFilm of Plustek endowed with an optical resolution of 7200 dpi which is coupled with the software SilverFast SE Plus for the acquisition of images.

This high technology is combined with high-performance image manipulation software to verify the quality of the images obtained by the scanners, or to adapt them to the needs of the client.

Very often, the goal of digitization is to allow manipulation of the text contained in the digitized books and documents. The conversion of an image, the graphic representation of a text, into a veritable searchable text is possible thanks to optical character recognition (OCR)
For OCR processing of books and documents, DIGISCRIB uses the most recent, most sophisticated, and the most high-performance software on the market. Our Society offers a great range of file formats for the final version of the text or data (PDF, Word, txt, epub, etc.), be it directly via OCR, or by a later manipulation of the data.

DIGISCRIB not only uses software available on the market; we also develop our own data processing tools. The Society is currently developing its own software for and via Linux, which will process and transform text or data obtained from image drivers or open source OCR programs into different file formats (HTML, PDF, XML, EPUB, etc.).

The DIGISCRIB Society uses the most high-performance, most-reliable computer systems. The system is operated by Linux, and the indexing and data processing is also done through Linux. Furthermore, certain machines run on Windows, and certain programs and image or data processing is done with Windows.
The DIGISCRIB Society works with and masters both systems. This allows us to accept work and specific software from our clients who use either operating system.

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